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I take photos of Lego. Welcome to my world.

In the early naughties, I lost my entire childhood Lego collection due to flooding, and was so distraught, that I removed myself from the product for many years.

In 2009, I reluctantly started purchasing smaller sets again, and having found a love for photography, I began to take photos of Lego creations in scenes inspired by my favourite song lyrics. These got a considerable following on DeviantArt and Flickr which inspired me to keep on creating. This site will showcase my favourite photos from the bunch and hopefully allow me to keep on creating and expanding this portfolio.

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Any donations towards my projects, however small, are of course always welcome. Lego is expensive!

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* I am not affiliated to The Lego Group in any way. I merely use their product to create my art.

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This is purely a passion project of mine. I get absolutely no income from it, so it’s something I fund myself.

As mentioned above, Lego is an expensive product, and so is photo gear (which I’m mostly borrowing from work right now), so if you do appreciate my work and would like me to keep going with it, any donation, however small, will be immensely appreciated.

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